Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dior homme SS04 Bleu Clair Jeans

Dior hommes Bleu Clair wax jeans are definitely a great example of the amazing quality that Hedi Slimane put into his work, before he left Dior homme. The waxed effect is very cool. This will always be a collectible because of its rarity, if you can find it in good condition now you're extremely lucky.


  1. lol looks just like my worker pants after a hard days work

  2. Fancy pants for fancy pants people :o

    I guess it's the same as people paying more for ripped jeans...

  3. Dirty ;-)

    I prefer levy strauss though!

  4. It seems as if quality designer jeans have taken a turn to the more...grunge effect lately. But who can argue when its what the people want right?

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  5. Who will understand today's trends..